Thursday, 17 July 2014

Benefit Dream Screen | Review

Whilst I know how important it is that we protect our skin from sun exposure, I'm the first person to admit that I can be both lazy and forgetful when it comes to applying a facial sunscreen. When I spotted Benefit Dream Screen in the Feel Unique sale a couple of weeks ago, I decided that it was time to implement an SPF into my morning skincare routine.

Benefit Dream Screen contains SPF 45 and has a PA+++ rating. This means that it protects the skin against both UVA rays (which cause long term skin damage and ageing) and UVB rays (which cause burning). The consistency of the sunscreen itself is quite watery, but dries quickly into a silky-matte finish upon application. It feels light and comfortable on the skin, and the oil-free formula means that I'm not left looking like a greasy monster throughout the day. Unlike more traditional sunscreens, Benefit Dream Screen is completely invisible, which makes it the perfect base for makeup application. The pale blue and cork packaging matches the rest of Benefit's B.Right Skincare range, and the tiny bottle is the perfect size for throwing in your handbag for top ups throughout the day.

The bottle contains 45ml of product and you can buy it for £25 here.  


  1. This is the second review i've seen for the dream screen and I've decided I totally need it!
    I hate it when SPF's sit on the skin really heavy & oily.
    Fantastic review doll :)

    Latasha xx | Today I Adore

    1. Thankyou for your lovely comment :) You should definitely try it, I was so impressed! I will check out your blog now!

      Hayley xxx

  2. Oh my this sounds awesome. I always wear SPF but find that most leave me feeling greasy. So it's still journey to finding the best product. :] // ☼

    1. This is a lovely SPF, I would definitely recommend trying it if you're looking for something that doesn't make your skin greasy :) I will check out your blog now! xxx